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Welcome dudes ... to the Brainfog Forum

So this be where all the action be at ... well, here n' the chatroom

If you have any questions or encounter any problems whatsoever ....
do give me, Ally (current Forum Admin) a shout

e-mail : ally @ brainfog dot org

If it's a problem of a more serious and confidential nature then also don't hesitate to contact me,
Ally (Chief Moose & Forum Admin) on ally @ brainfog dot org

...... there will be questions asked later .... heh heh

We want your time on the forum to be as enjoyable
and as safe as possible so please read the following ....

It's not said to scare the bejeeeebers out of you ....
but to ensure your safe passage in and around the Land of Fog

  • Sometimes as we are typing something, we are not aware that our words could be misinterpreted. Other times, when reading another's words we may read something into them that was not intended. This may be in part because the cyber mediums tend to lack some of subtleties of face to face discussion. If you have such an experience, particularly if something rubs you the wrong way, please try to take a deep breath and if you wish, try to get clarification. Doing so, instead of jumping to a possibly incorrect conclusion may help to avoid unfortunate misunderstandings.
    The moral of the story - you may be in a 'virtual' environment, but there are very 'real' feelings at risk - so please take as much care with them as you would with any real-life friend.
  • Fogland is a wonderful community of great people, but the reality is that it is still the Internet. Therefore the same cautions should be used as when going anywhere on the the Internet. In the cyber world some people may misrepresent themselves, not being who or what they say they are, so always be careful with what personal information you share. On the whole this has not been a problem within our Fogland community. The Mod Squad and Admins do their utmost to keep an eye on the board for any problems that might arise but we can't guarantee everyone's fluffiness.
  • Be safe ... don't give out any of your (or a friends) personal details i.e. home address / phone number / personal websites etc ... until you are 100% sure that they are going to someone who is 'safe' .... If you have an ounce of doubt in your nooodle ... don't do it until that doubt has gone ... one way or another

    Take your time, be safe ... and of course, have fun

    What goes on outside of the Brainfog walls is out of mine and the Fellowship of the Fogs jurisdiction ....
    but always remember that we are here to help and support you in anyway we can ......

    and finally .... you are about to enter a fluff zone ....
    please read the following ....
  • play nice with each other ..... any behavior to the contrary will be dealt with immediately and appropriately
  • The Forum should NOT be used as or considered in any way as a dating service. If any user approaches you in this way or any way that leaves you feeling uncomfortable ... please drop Ally a line on ally @ brainfog dot org     (any infomation given can be kept confidential if specified)
  • no talk of copying .... see here for more info.
  • no advertising of anything without permission of Ally (ally @ brainfog dot org)

    - click here to read the full Brainfog rules and codes of conduct

    - and here to view the user-friendly forum frequently asked question guide

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