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"Helloooooo & welcome to the
Brainfog Chat Experience ...."

Sooo here yer have it ..... our very own ... brand spankin' and most
highly funky ... chatroom .... "horah!!!" *does a lil' chatroom booogie*

I won't babble on .... for a change ... heh heh .... but I will instead let you get straight down to it ... Just read the bits of blurb below ... especially the 'IMPORTANT' bit ..... and then you can get chattin' .... "rarrrr"

We run scheduled chats most days for you to join in and get
some foggin' chattin, fun and laughter

Each chat is 1-2 hours long and is hosted by a volunteer.
(you will be able to recognise who the Host is in the Chatroom as it will
say 'Host' next to their name)


Brainfog time is UK time ....
to check out the time difference in your part of the world........
click here .....


  • Bad language or any kind of harassment such as sexual, racial or personal comments will not be tolerated.

  • Remember that communication in the chatroom is by written word only so please take care in your choice of words or phrase to avoid causing possible offence.

  • Please be aware that we have members of all ages using this chatroom.

  • This chatroom should NOT be used as or considered in any way as a dating service. If any user approaches you in this way please report them to 3flakeaday (Chat Admin) by e-mailing: 3flakeaday @ brainfog dot org

Contact: If you have any problems of any sort, need further information/help or if there seems to be a technical fault with the chatroom ... then please contact 3flakeaday (Chat Admin) by e-mailing : 3flakeaday @ brainfog dot org

ANY problems of a serious nature should be referred to 3flakeaday (Chat Admin) immediately. All details will be held in confidence between 3flakeaday and Ally (Chief Moose of Brainfog).

The Brainfog chatroom is a safe & friendly fluff haven ...
please do your bit to help us keep it that way

Sooooo all you need to do now is simply click on the red 'enter chat' button below and you'll be transported over to the Chatroom.

One quick *registration boogie* .... and then "wahay !!" you're off ....


*click here for the current chat schedule

& don't go forgettin' that the Brainfog chat room is ALWAYS open 24/7 for your personal use ... ... and are both freely available for parteeeeees ....
the more the merrier

Just drop a note to 3flakeaday (Chat Admin) with the date and time and he'll make sure nothing clashes with your chat © 2001 - 2007
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