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coming soon!!

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Examples of Brainfog Affiliates

Apple / iTunes
John Lewis
PC World
Santa Claus
Vits Direct
WH Smiths



Howdy ...

So this is the place to get the lowdown and all the contact details
for Brainfog that you could ever possibly need.

You should find everything you need to know on this page ...
but just in case you can't ...
then ya wanna give me, Ally, a yell on....

....e-mail: ally @ brainfog dot org ......

and I'll point you in the right direction

Chief Moose

Well that would be me ...... Allyoooops !!
Founder, creator and dude who heeeds up the running of
Brainfog n' all that jazz.

  E-mail me about anything or everything ...

'nuf said "rarrrrrrr"

e-mail: ally @ brainfog dot org 

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Chatroom Co-ordinator

3flakeaday be the gal to give a shout round the Chatroom way, so any questions/probs/worries/ponderings etc ...
give her a yell n' she'll sort yer out

All matters will be held in total confidentiality
between 3flakeaday & myself ... the Moose.

e-mail: 3flakeaday @ brainfog dot org

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Chatroom Technical Support

For any techie problems in the chatroom you wanna
give me the mooose a shout ...

i.e. the chat rooms down ... you can't get in ...
lost your password ....
.... yada yada yada ....

  e-mail: ally @ brainfog dot org

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Forum Admins

If any of the following come under your particular Forum neeeeds:

  • any problems ... questions ... to do with the Forum ...
  • technical issues with the Forum (e.g. can't log in)
  • ideas that you would like to see happen on the Forum

    ...then dooo not hesitate to contact the current Forum Admin:

Ally ... e-mail: ally @ brainfog dot org


  • problems of a more confidential nature.....

    ....then drop me, Ally, an e-mail on
    : ally @ brainfog dot org

Forum Newbie Support

If you've just joined the website ... for starters you've done the right thing ... ... 'n' for seconds .... if or when yer get stuck and are looking like ------->

.... then fear yeee not 'cos we got our own very happy lil' helper on hand to help you out .... settle you in .... make you a cuppa 'n' the likey ....

so give Superscamp a shout ....
................ he's a top bananananana...

e-mail: Superscamp @ brainfog dot org 

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There's a brand spankin' new page up here 'Funding the Fog' (page coming soon) that holds all you need to know about Brainfog and Funding .... so hop on over there to have yourself a lil' looksee and in the meantime if you have any questions ... give me, Ally a shout on..............

e-mail: ally @ brainfog dot org

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